[Video] Hatsumi Sensei's Birthday Celebration

Today (Dec 2nd, 2023) we celebrated Hatsumi Sensei’s birthday. I gave him Masaaki Hatsumi: Dojo Giga | Earth and said, “600 supporters pre-ordered Earth so this book really is from all of us.” I showed guests the book and explained that it’s printed, available for pre-order, and scheduled to begin delivery within 2023. Our birthday guest of honor (Hatsumi Sensei) was regrettably absent (due to a fever), but we wished him a happy birthday as best as we could. Guests wrote notes and left gifts. We had dojo announcements, speeches, food (plus a few drinks), and enjoyed catching up with friends. This weekend, students around the world will celebrate Sensei’s birthday. I’m glad I could share this brief video from our celebration in Noda.
— Steve
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