The art of martial arts master, Masaaki Hatsumi

The Dojo Giga Collection

In February of 2017, Hatsumi Sensei exhibited a selection of his paintings at the Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Japan in Tokyo. Until the time of the exhibition, he had displayed some of them at his dojo, but this was an unprecedented opportunity for the public. He named the exhibition Dojo Giga (after the 12th-century picture scroll, Choju-jinbutsu-giga, which humorously anthropomorphizes various animals and is often credited with being the first manga).

Heaven and Earth

Volumes One and Two of the Dojo Giga book series are Heaven and Earth.

Heaven won Most Outstanding Design at the IPPY Awards (the Independent Publisher Book Awards) and Earth is based on the same award-winning design.

Heaven is about martial virtue: military force used properly — namely, to create civilization and maintain peace. Earth is about bonno (afflictions understood in Buddhism to be rooted in misconceptions and the cause of suffering). Earth helps us meditate on those of Soke’s paintings which illustrate “the three poisons” of ignorance, rage, and desire.

Each book features Hatsumi Sensei's artworks paired with photographs of him teaching at the dojo, plus an essay in which he comments on his paintings. The books are fully bilingual (written in English and Japanese) and they include a commentary section by the publisher which offers translations of Sensei's calligraphy and cultural notes.

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