Earth Production Update

Earth is Printed

We're packing Earth in boxes and cartons and pallets. Our books are scheduled to leave the printer (in China) on December 25th. To reduce ongoing warehousing costs, I printed just 1,000 books.

Please Confirm your Delivery Address via Google Form

If you pre-ordered, you should have received my invitation to confirm your delivery address via Google Form. If your delivery information (like address, or phone number, or availability to receive packages) has changed, please update the form so we can deliver your book(s). 

Delivery Schedule | US Warehouse

Books for Canada and the US will go by boat to our warehouse near Seattle. I’m confirming our boat’s schedule now.

Delivery Schedule | China Warehouse

Our warehouse in China will post directly to addresses in Japan, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. Supporters in those places are on schedule to get their books in early January.

100 Books for Europe, Australia, and New Zealand

After supporters who pre-ordered get theirs, just 100 extra books will remain in our warehouse in China. Those 100 Earth books are reserved for delivery to customers in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. (Will we do another printing of Earth? Perhaps, but I don’t know when.) If you want one of the 100, the time to get yours is now, here: 

— Steve

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